Here are our pictures from Tokyo.

Vending Machines

Old Japan street

Who's Food Building

Holy Water at Temple


Deb and Oscar at Museum

Deb in Gesha cutout

Senso-Ji Temple#1

Senso-Ji Temple#2

Senso-Ji Temple & Deb with incense

Senso-Ji Temple#3

Senso-Ji Temple#4

Incense Pit at Senso-Ji Temple

Purification at the Senso-Ji Temple

Golden Turd (really, that is what it's called)


Toilet mechanism Can you figure it out?

Imperial Palace Gate

Exit from the Imperial Palace

Guard House at the Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace Lookout Tower

Site of something old at Imperial Palace. Deb doesn't remember what it is.

Imperial Palace Wall

Gate to the Imperial Palace

Roof of Imperial Palace

2nd view of the Roof. It was a LONG day.

More Imperial Palace

Even More Imperial Palace

Rainbow Bridge at Tokyo Bsy

View of Tokyo Tower from Tokyo Bay

View of Shoreline from Tokyo Bay

Another view from Tokyo Bay

Statue of Liberty at Tokyo Bay. She is facing the wrong direction.

Statue of Liberty At Tokyo Bay

Side view of the Statue of Liberty at Tokyo Bay

Japanese version of the Arche de Triomphe

Tokyo Bay Sculpture

Large Ferris wheel at Tokyo Bay

View from the Fuji Building of Tokyo

Another view of Tokyo from the Fuji Building

Statue of Liberty at Tokyo Bay

Condom Store

Sculpture by the Edo-Tokyo Museum

Oscar and Deb at Tokyo Bay on Valentines Day

Another Oscar and Deb at Tokyo Bay on Valentines Day

3rd picture of Osccar and Deb at Tokyo Bay..... I'm in trouble for not deleting this!!!!

Fuji Building

Another view of Fuji Building

Steps leading to the Fuji Building

Another view of the steps leading to the Fuji Building

Trained Monkey

Another picture of the trained monkey He did tricks on stilts

1st Shrine at Yanaka Have to visit seven shrines for good luck.

Deb at the 2nd Shrine at Yanaka

Top of the 3rd shrine This is supposed to bring good luck??

3rd Shrine at Yanaka More luck!

Seven ronan at 4th shrine at Yanaka You can tell from the picture, but the bibs and hats were in BAD shape. They need them for some reason.

Well at the fourth shrine

Cemetry at fifth shrine All shrines have them.

Pottery Store I quit taking pictures of the shrines for a while.

The sixth Shrine

The SEVENTH Shrine WhooHoo good luck for the next year!

Seventh Shrine again

Restaurant where the chicken parts were dipped in raw egg

Roppongi at night We stayed in Roppongi.

Roppongi at night This is the party area of Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower at night. Japan's version of the Eiffel Tower

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